Fennek Records is an independent record label based in Mannheim, Germany. Founded by beat producers Hanses and Shaga in February 2019, the duo released their first set, Poltergeist, in 2019.

The central idea to set up an independent record label originated back to when the two musicians first met in Stuttgart in 2011. There, Shaga and Hanses found the time was Right to up a small label, to provide a platform for their friends to release their beats. The idea began to shape when Hanses moved to Mannheim and started working with local artist Moshuss. This collaboration laid the foundation for the vision of the label, as well as the principles for further releases:

Fennek solely releases entertaining beat compilations on exclusive, limited 10″ vinyl records. Each record follows a specific musical theme, e.g. only Japanese samples were used on Poltergeist.

The next 10″ is already being planned and will be also be released in 2019. All design and artwork of the record is again Mannheim-based designer Czolk is responsible for all design and artwork of the record.

Aside from exclusive physical records, Fennek keeps working on digital releases that don’t follow a specific musical theme.